Nonso and Ugo randomly met on a train in Washington, D.C. in April 2015. I know a train, what are the odds! She was headed to DC for a concert with two friends, and they decided to take a train. Once we got on the train, Nonso immediately bumped into another friend of hers who happened to be standing next to two other guys (Ugo being one of the guys). they all said their hellos, and realized they were all heading to the same concert. Started out at the concert earlier in the day, next thing they all ended up spending the entire day together. At some point, Nonso and Ugo found ourselves alone with their friends just a few steps behind them. They talked and just got to know each other a bit more and it seemed like there was a mutual attraction.
As the night ended, they hugged and said goodbyes (he didn’t ask for her number, email…nothing, lol). Nonso was definitely shocked he didn’t ask for her number A few months went by, and they randomly ran into each other again in New Jersey sometime in August. And of course, he finally asked for my number and the rest is history!

Fast forward to June 2017, Nonso had planned a surprise birthday trip to Miami (as they both love to travel) and invited a few friends. She also planned a birthday dinner the night we arrived, at the Gianni Versace restaurant in South beach. The night seemed normal as they just dined and enjoyed time with close friends celebrating the man of the hour. Little did she know, there would big a ‘bigger surprise’ that would change their lives forever. Once dinner was done, they all walked towards a beautiful picturesque area for a mini photo shoot. As they walked, Ugo held her hand and drew Nonso closer.He got down on one knee and asked “Will you marry me?” The tears just kept rolling down, and she could hear their friends in the background screaming. Everything just seemed right and they were both so overjoyed to share such a special moment with people close to our hearts.

Their paths crossed twice. First, on a train, then in a new city, and now they get to build lifetime memories together!

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