Nonso and Ugo randomly met on a train in Washington, D.C. in April 2015. I know a train, what are the odds! She was headed to DC for a concert with two friends, and they decided to take a train. Once we got on the train, Nonso immediately bumped into another friend of hers who happened to be standing next to two other guys (Ugo being one of the guys). they all said their hellos, and realized they were all heading to the same concert. Started out at the concert earlier in the day, next thing they all ended up spending the entire day together. At some point, Nonso and Ugo found ourselves alone with their friends just a few steps behind them. They talked and just got to know each other a bit more and it seemed like there was a mutual attraction.
As the night ended, they hugged and said goodbyes (he didn’t ask for her number, email…nothing, lol). Nonso was definitely shocked he didn’t ask for her number A few months went by, and they randomly ran into each other again in New Jersey sometime in August. And of course, he finally asked for my number and the rest is history!

Fast forward to June 2017, Nonso had planned a surprise birthday trip to Miami (as they both love to travel) and invited a few friends. She also planned a birthday dinner the night we arrived, at the Gianni Versace restaurant in South beach. The night seemed normal as they just dined and enjoyed time with close friends celebrating the man of the hour. Little did she know, there would big a ‘bigger surprise’ that would change their lives forever. Once dinner was done, they all walked towards a beautiful picturesque area for a mini photo shoot. As they walked, Ugo held her hand and drew Nonso closer.He got down on one knee and asked “Will you marry me?” The tears just kept rolling down, and she could hear their friends in the background screaming. Everything just seemed right and they were both so overjoyed to share such a special moment with people close to our hearts.

Their paths crossed twice. First, on a train, then in a new city, and now they get to build lifetime memories together!

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One word to describe this amazing couple Kemishia and Sayo is spontaneity. I am glad I got to meet these two and get to know them. I thoroughly enjoyed the pre-wedding photo shoot in New Orleans which was an adventure on its own. The beautiful images from New Orleans captures their wonderful personalities and love for each other.

Kemishia and Sayo met in an unconventional manner!!!! Instagram… Living in an internet age, social media platforms have been able to bring people together from all works of life. In times past I have heard stories of married couples meeting via the internet, dating sites and face book but for me listening to their love story is a confirmation that this is so true.

I was very interested in knowing how their relationship evolved via instagram. Their story is intriguing as it does not lack the usual pre-dating playing hard to get. It all started when Kemishia accepted Sayo’s friend request. Sayo wasted no time in letting her know his intentions… he pretty much liked all her pictures and in turn she noticed he was a shoe collector and could not help but like his nice shoes. One thing I know they both have in common is love for beautiful shoes that standout.

After months of back and forth via instagram, Kemishia finally gave Sayo her number and within minutes got a face time call and the rest is history. Looking forward to being a part of your special day as you both take this huge step I wish you God’s blessings.

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Love is indeed beautiful when you find the ‘one’ to spend the rest of your life with. I Look forward to being a part of the wedding celebrations of these two love birds Tolu and Micheal both aspiring doctors. Their Love story is not only inspiring but a testament to their faithfulness and resolve to be each other’s cheer leader and best friend. As I watched and listened to them I could not but admire the respect and the genuine show of love that radiates from them. It is infectious….

These two met through mutual friends Mayowa and Oge in the spring of 2013 whilst studying at University of Georgia and Georgia State University respectively. At the beginning of their relationship they were inseparable being in the same state but their relationship soon became long distance as they attended different medical schools, Tolu attending Duke Medical school in North Carolina whilst Michael stayed back in Atlanta, Georgia at the Morehouse school of Medicine.

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I had the pleasure of covering Abby and Rahman’s e-session at the Anderson House last July. It was a such a beautiful day and Abby had this beautiful idea of shooting in a very antique location. We obviously did our research and found the Anderson House would meet or exceed our vision for their session.
Anderson House was completed in the spring of 1905 and took its place as one of the capital city’s most fashionable mansions—a “Florentine villa in the midst of American independence.” The firm of Arthur Little and Herbert Browne of Boston designed the mansion as the winter residence of Larz Anderson, an American diplomat, and his wife, Isabel, an author and benefactress. For more than thirty years, the couple enjoyed their Washington home as a showcase for their art collection, a backdrop for high society galas, and a home from which they explored what they considered “the most beautiful of American cities.” Larz and Isabel Anderson intended their Washington home to be a grand setting where the rising diplomat could entertain American and foreign dignitaries. The Andersons would distinguish themselves among the capital’s most sought-after hosts. During the Washington social season—generally between New Year’s Day and Easter—the Andersons held diplomatic and inaugural receptions, formal dinners and luncheons, concerts, and dramatic performances. Their guest lists included Presidents William H. Taft and Calvin Coolidge, Gen. John J. Pershing, Henry A. du Pont, and members of the Vanderbilt family.

Shooting Abby and Rahman was really special to me due to my relationship with both of them. I’ve known Abby for approximately 10 years while we worked together at our first career professional jobs out of college. Rahman is obviously one of the great photographers in the D.C. area and we both have worked together on numerous weddings over the years and various photography projects. Wishing you both a happy married life!

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